terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Because this year is my year acceptable to you!!!

 Job 41.22. Neck rests in its strength; before Him to grief Jump for Joy. ".. Dear brothers and friends in Christ Jesus. Here in this verse from the Book of Job we see how our God is great, big, powerful and has things great surprise to humans. It forces you to strengthen us, so we move forward to give us the courage again, for us to say: ".. I'm here by your side no Theme, and this wind will move you from the other side will sing the anthem of Victoria, because I am your God to transform this difficult moment in which you are going great blessings. Hey six children are sad, but look at me, you are not alone! I'm here, those words which you are reading. Just believe in my promises, forward, inside of you a strength you do not know, but if you stand up and say God I am one myself; More God if you're with me we'll be two, and I think I will break in faith today and win my promises! Children if they come to you, I say to you you'll make this sadness that I squeezing you step out of you, and that same sadness will jump for joy because I am your God before you. If so have you believe, receive the blessings that you indulge today, and this month many of you will receive blessing without measure and overflowing, and will tell the wonders that I'm doing in your midst. Because this year is my year acceptable to you. "Beloved going forward, take this web of scratches that are trying to paralyze him and get your victory in Jesus' name. God bless each and have a weekend victory. God is faithful .. Peace of Jesus.

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